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Silent Seduction

  YES! I want to use the “Silent Seduction” to get a women so turned on they are literally squirming her pants to sleep with me and do it all by saying almost to nothing! Upon completing the form on the next page, I will receive IMMEDIATE access to...

  • The Silent Seduction System. Get her in bed in just 3 simple steps ($1,000 Value)
  • The Speed Guide. Gets you laid as fast as possible by giving a quick refresher of the system any time you need it. Access discreetly with just a glance. ($47 Value
  • The Pleasure Map. This visual map of her body shows you exactly where to touch her to get her turned on fast. This makes the system so EASY! ($37 Value
  • Underground Hookup Hotspots. Discover the secret places women go to get laid that almost no men know about. You’ll know exactly where to find these places in your city so you can meet the hottest girls and get laid easy. ($49 Value) .......
  • The Sex Cave Blueprint. Turn your home into a sexually charged “mating hotspot” that makes women naturally want to remove their clothes and have sex. ($67 Value
  • 27 Signs She Wants To Fuck. This easy system shows you the hidden “hookup signals” women send when they are desperate to get laid. Once you know what these are, you can score a horny girl and get laid FAST. Use it at a bar, party or even a coffee shop! ($47 Value
  • 3X Threesome System. How to “tweak” the system to seduce two… even three women at the same time! This advanced level course will take your sex like to the next level. ($169 Value
  • High Performance Sex System. Discover secrets to last longer in bed, shoot bigger loads and to get harder, stronger erections that even make your dick look and feel bigger. Maintain your cock to make sure it stays strong, healthy and drives women absolutely wild! No crazy or dangerous supplements, just all-natural techniques. ($70 Value
  • FREE Access To The Silent Seduction "Inner Circle." This advanced training is for men who won't except anything less than the best and who want to strap a rocket-booster to their results. You'll get 2 free videos over the next two weeks at no cost and then it’s just $24.83 per week to continue after that, billed monthly. Cancel any time. ($49.66 Value)


Normally $36 - Today Just $12

The ultimate upgrade. Get the system in HD audio so you can listen while you're relaxing at home, on the go or in your car while you drive. Absorb the power of the system effortlessly, anywhere, anytime. Use headphone for total privacy.

Normally $49.95 - Today Just $16

Watch Magic use his system on real women to get them into bed fast and then copy his results for yourself. He’ll break everything down for you step-by-step to make it SO EASY and give you advanced tips that make women even hornier. This “advanced” series makes the system even faster and easier to use.

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